Christmas in the Workhouse

I had intended to write a blog warning everyone about the perils of the Christmas Period but it’s too late now, really.  So, from an HR perspective, I hope that your Christmas party passed off without any sexual harassment claims, that nobody sustained an industrial injury as a result of loose decorations landing on their heads, that your Maintenance Man/Woman didn’t get electrocuted whilst putting up the Christmas lights and that some of your staff are still managing to struggle into work and perform their duties in spite of hangovers, and dyspepsia from eating too much turkey.

From an Anti-Bribery perspective I trust that you all have your gifts and entertainment registers in place, to record any suspicious instances of generosity on the part of your suppliers to you, or your employees to others. Just a reminder that “I thought that the dozen cases of Chateau Lafite I received last week came from Santa Claus” probably won’t be a convincing argument to put to the authorities when they start asking awkward questions and that taking a Norwegian Government Official to the Turks and Caicos Islands to discuss fish sales probably won’t be regarded as reasonable entertainment.

I trust that you will all have a prosperous and trouble free 2012, untroubled by Employment Tribunals and/or the SFO.  However, if you are faced with either of the above, you know where to come for help, don’t you?

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